Underground Survival Home

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The first time you need to do when you build the underground survival home is following these tips: Filling the Bags While topsoil in many areas is suitable for filling earth bag construction, you may want to consider the pros and cons of the excavated in the plant compared have delivered. The filling should be […]

Survival Home: How to Make Fuel

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When you are in a situation of experiencing a natural or human-made disaster, or you must be there simply as a shortage of normal energy supplies, it is useful to know how to make fuel at home as one of survival home out of whatever might be around. Here are some suggestions. Use the newspapers […]

The Home for Survival: How to Store Water

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Many disasters that leave you stranded at home will cut off the supply of safe drinking water. It can be an earthquakes, tsunamis / flood, fire, terrorist attack, or other natural disaster or man-made causes. When the helper is still on their way, the all you need to do is too make the home for […]

Improving The Security for Home Survival

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Home security is not only very important for everyone in community, but also must be thought over by everyone. It is one of an important thing of home survival. If you have ever been robbed, you know that you are losing more than what the thief required, because you also lose your peace of mind. […]

Home Survival Training on Water Purification  

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If you have ever led to a situation where you have to do home survival training as using water from a questionable source, you must need to know how to do purification on water in order to make it safe to drink. Beside the contaminated water has a bad odor and taste, it also can […]

Home Library Design Idea

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  Your hobby is reading and collecting books? Why not try to make up home library design ideas to create a personal library in your own home? This certainly could open up good habits for other family members. Indirectly by creating the personal library at home, other family members will also get used to reading. […]